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Social Media + Self-Esteem

A discussion of how social media and self-esteem intertwine in the queer community, leaving a trail of destruction. Continue reading

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Why Is It Ok For Gays To Be Sexually Explicit?

One of my Instagram followers brought up an interesting issue recently.  The question was “why is it ok for gay guys to make sexually explicit comments on each other’s pictures and profiles but not ok if a straight man does the same to a woman?”  The follower seemed annoyed with the rampant use of explicit language by … Continue reading

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Social Media…the 3rd Member of Every Gay Relationship

As many of us know, social media plays an increasingly important role in relationships. I’ve found this to hold especially true for the notoriously image conscious demographic of gay men.  From the very beginning, social media takes the lead in many of our interactions. If you met your man on Tinder or Grindr, for instance, … Continue reading