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The Problem Guests: #RepresentMe – What Gay Media Isn’t Doing

Written by Jordan Daniels (@johodaniels)

When you look at the most popular tags at the bottom of Queerty’s website, what do you see? Colton Haynes, Gus Kenworthy, Nico Tortorella and Nyle DiMarco. The commonality between these names is that they’re all conventionally beautiful, especially because they’re white skinned. Where’s the tags for darker skinned “babes,” or women, trans and genderqueer? Continue reading

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Why Is It Ok For Gays To Be Sexually Explicit?

One of my Instagram followers brought up an interesting issue recently.  The question was “why is it ok for gay guys to make sexually explicit comments on each other’s pictures and profiles but not ok if a straight man does the same to a woman?”  The follower seemed annoyed with the rampant use of explicit language by … Continue reading