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The App-Unfriendly Body

I recently received a DM from a follower with a problem that will probably ring true for almost all of us. He wrote that he was struggling with the “gay beauty standard” – you know the one, muscular, fat ass, abs everywhere – and finds himself comparing his body to the guys he sees on apps… Continue reading

Apps / Dating / Sex & Hooking Up

#TheGrid2 Snippet: Grindr’s “Stat Culture”

As I come closer to finishing part two of my book The Grid: Lessons from the Men of Grindr, I wanted to share another snippet (since it is hard for me to write about anything else at the moment!) Here is a section on Grindr’s destructive “stat culture” – I know most of you who have ever been on the app will connect with this. I hope all of you will check out my full breakdown (and suggestions for fixing) “stat culture” when the book comes out. Continue reading