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5 Popular Gay Excuses, Interpreted

I was going back through my old content, and the topic of “gay excuses” seemed to be recurring in my early posts. These are the typical excuses provided by gay men that you’re trying to date or otherwise get-to-know in some capacity. They can be confusing, infuriating, and often, complete bullshit. Here, I look into 5 popular excuses provided by gay men and what they might actually mean… Continue reading

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#TheGrid2 Snippet: Grindr’s “Stat Culture”

As I come closer to finishing part two of my book The Grid: Lessons from the Men of Grindr, I wanted to share another snippet (since it is hard for me to write about anything else at the moment!) Here is a section on Grindr’s destructive “stat culture” – I know most of you who have ever been on the app will connect with this. I hope all of you will check out my full breakdown (and suggestions for fixing) “stat culture” when the book comes out. Continue reading