Short Version: The goal of this blog is to use humor to enlighten the gay community on how the law applies to their lives.

Long Version: Lawyers suck at blogging.  It’s a well known fact. Look up any attorney’s website and click their “blog” link. Two or three paragraphs with a cursory discussion of law and a big phone number to call them for legal advice. That is not what this is.  I am writing this blog because this is something I deal with myself. A completely unique community of people that experience a completely unique set of issues in their lives and relationships. I feel that as a part of this community, I have an obligation to speak to people like myself in a voice that resonates broadly. So, the best way I know how, I will be blogging about gay problems from a legal, but ultimately, entertaining perspective. My qualifications: gay (check), attorney in California (check), completely frustrated with the lack of genuine and unique coverage of these topics (check).  If, like myself, you are disinterested in hearing what a straight attorney has to say about issues he or she will never quite understand or experience, you are in the right place.

This blog is for informational and entertainment purposes.  Only a licensed attorney in your state who knows the specifics of your situation can advise you on your legal options.  If you need a referral to an attorney in your area and would like to reach me, please contact theproblemgays@gmail.com.

@Lex, Esq.


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