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I am a gay lawyer based in California.  I started this blog in 2016 as a passion project to discuss LGBTQ+ laws, news, rants, inspo, and basically anything I feel is ignored or poorly covered by gay media – no small task.

Initially, my goal was to get deep in the weeds on legal issues.  Over time, I discovered that I enjoyed talking about all areas of the modern gay experience.  While my core will always be covering legal issues, both me and my followers like to hear about a lot more!

I graduated with my JD/MBA in 2015 and am admitted to the California State Bar.  I do not currently practice (and don’t really want to)!  My day job is in legal marketing.  I work at a large law firm doing market analytics and business development work.  That said, I am often asked for attorney referrals.  If you contact me, I am happy to try to find LGBTQ-friendly attorneys in your local area.  I am also happy to help anyone with legal questions in a general sense.

My blog and pages are a success because of authentic content and engaged followers.  I always strive to show multiple perspectives and talk about the issues you care about.  I love receiving messages, comments, feedback, and ideas for what to talk about next.  You can interact with me in many ways: comment on blog posts, Instagram posts, or videos.  You can also shoot me an email or Instagram message to get the conversation started.  Finally, if you are a person or brand that has interest in collaborating – let’s talk!

@Lex, Esq. – theproblemgays@gmail.com

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