My First Book Is Now Available!


#1 New Release LGBT Study (Amazon – July & August 2018)
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Top 25 Overall LGBT Biography (Amazon – September 2018)

I am so excited to announce that my first book is now available on Amazon!  The Grid: Lessons from the Men of Grindr is something I never thought I would be able to write.  A little more than 4 months ago, I started bouncing ideas around for a book.  My goal was to stay consistent with the voice and topics on my Instagram and blog.  After scrapping many ideas, I fixated on the idea of dating – and more specifically, Grindr.  I was nervous, though, because the last thing I wanted to do was put out a corny dating tips book.  That said, from the many conversations with my followers, I know it is something that is a struggle and frustration for many of us.

I came to the realization that nothing was really out there beginning to dissect how apps like Grindr have completely turned the queer community upside down.  I decided that the most powerful way to explore this issue was to tell my own personal dating stories – something I have steered clear of on my pages.  Sure, I talk about general frustrations, but I make it a point to never put my dates or exes on blast.  In The Grid, however, I knew that a detailed exploration of some of my impactful Grindr relationships was necessary to get to the root of my many mistakes, and hopefully help others from making them.

The Grid chronicles three of my early relationships that started from Grindr.  One ultimately became a boyfriend, one I dated for a couple months, and one was more of a disturbing fling,  I have anonymized the personalities and fictionalized certain details to protect their privacy, however, the stories really happened.  I feel it is important to say this because some of it is truly unbelievable – well, maybe not for LA.  I hope that the stories are entertaining, informative, and real.  I hope the lessons I explore from the relationships help or comfort many of you in your own struggle on dating apps.

One final note.  Before I ultimately went to law school, I dealt with major depression and anxiety.  One thing I did around this time was take acting classes – something completely out of my comfort zone.  These classes awoke a creativity within me that I felt might die after I became a lawyer.  Ultimately, I no longer care to be an actor.  What I have come to realize through this blog and now The Grid is that I love to tell stories.  I love to craft scenarios and speak in a voice that resonates with other people.  Be it my Instagram posts, blog posts, videos, or this book, I know I have a passion for telling these stories.

Whether or not I have more books or creative projects in my future, this has been an honor for me to write.  It is so beautiful to have created a book from scratch that will now be out there forever – even beyond my own life (unless Amazon goes out of business).   Thank you for your patience and support as I brought this project to life.  Without your encouragement, I truly would not have been able to get this done.

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