Dean Eastmond: An Inspiring LGBT+ Activist

Months ago I came across the story of Dean Eastmond, a 21-year-old LGBT+ activist from the UK.  While in college, Dean was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare form of bone and soft tissue cancer.  This life-altering diagnosis inspired Dean to pursue his dreams of LGBT+ journalism.  Many celebrities and LGBT activists began talking about and sharing Dean’s work.

Dean recently passed away from this cancer.  It is emotional to see his words and how he took the last year of his life to write so eloquently about issues in the LGBT+ space that those twice and three times his age would not be equipped to talk about.  His unique perspective is not only thought-provoking but inspiring.

In his heartbreaking last Instagram post, he writes “…being sent home from the hospital to die is the worst feeling in the world, especially at 21.”  I feel that as a community, it is our responsibility to read, honor, and share his words and activism on genuinely important topics.  Dean had written for Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, and many other outlets, including his own magazine HISKIND.  He writes on topics of cancer, masculinity, trans rights, politics, rape, and even drag queens.

Please check out Dean Eastmond’s work

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