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Gays and Long Distance Relationships





One of my followers recently asked for my advice on long distance relationships.  Not just a regular one, an international one.  It’s pretty obvious that any long distance relationship is tough (straight or gay).  Why I think it may be even harder in a gay relationship is that many of us are accustomed to a culture of instant gratification.  With the advent of gay apps, there’s always a guy around the corner…some may ask why you would wait for the guy around the globe?

After consulting with an expert on the topic (my BFF who was in a LDR and is now married to the man), I have some great tips on how to make an LDR work:

  1. Be On The Same Page –  LDR’s are extremely hard so you have to communicate early on about your intentions.  If one of you is just killing time and flirting, there’s no use in trying to make it work.
  2. Have a Plan for the Future – LDR’s with no end date are going to be tough to deal with. Try to discuss a logical plan for visiting one another or one of you making the ultimate move to be together.  This will help ease the stress of the LDR.
  3. Talk Often – technology has made this very easy – phone calls, texts, video chats. Distance will definitely be no object if you stay in frequent communication.
  4. Respect Your Separate Lives – each of you are going to have local friends and commitments and it’s important not to be jealous of what the other has going on around them.
  5. Send Gifts – care packages, items of each other’s clothing…personal touches make it easier to deal with distance and enhance the physical connection you are lacking.

What do you guys think?  Am I missing anything?  Let me know in the comments!  I think if it is true love it’s possible to make things work if you follow these steps.

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