Gay Marriage

What’s The Right Age for Gays to Marry?





Sometimes I feel like I know the gay community well. I feel that many gays, like myself, wait until a bit later in life to settle down and get married. They want to have fun, explore, and live their lives to the fullest before getting serious. I also factor in that all of the current gays on the planet had to live through years of being denied the right to marry, and this may have made marriage a distant concept for them.

That being said, I recently have heard of very young gay couples getting married. Now that gay marriage is legal in the states, I certainly expected the longtime partners that have been waiting a lifetime to the tie the knot, but I did not realize how many young people would be joining the party.  For this reason, in a recent post on my Instagram, I posed the question “what is the ideal age for gays to get married?”  I received numerous responses:

  1. 70 – I am still trying to figure out if marriage is a good thing for our species.
  2. 23 – [I am married and so happy!].
  3. 25-27 or older.  Any younger is too young.
  4. Late 20’s – early 30’s so you experience life and are mature enough for commitment.
  5. Mid 30’s – you have no clue who you are in your 20’s.
  6. 30’s, but hopefully not older than 35.
  7. 40.
  8. 30’s – your 20’s should be spent getting to know yourself before you commit your life to someone.  Then you both need to learn about each other before marriage.
  9. Not about age and more about who you marry.  There are very mature 20 year olds and immature 30 year olds.
  10. 32 – which was when I could afford the wedding I wanted.
  11. In my late 30’s and ready for the first time.

My favorite response had to be “I am still figuring out if marriage is good for our species.” It really is an interesting concept. I feel that many hetero couples get into marriages due to the woman’s biological clock and desire to have children with her husband. Without that pressure it seems that gays are all over the map. My personal opinion is that your late 20’s and early 30’s are probably a good maturity point for most people to make a marriage work. That said, our one follower is absolutely right about some 30 year olds being idiots (my words) and some 20 year olds being completely mature.

I thought I’d share some of these comments because I’ve always wondered what others felt on the topic.

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